Monday, 8 November 2010

Gratitudes from afar

Nefertiti has asked me to blog her next post she was so over whelmed at being called funny that she has been gobsmacked for days. 'Me funny? Darling that is the last thing on my mind and let me tell you it is the last thing on my Rodger’s mind - especially when he is swinging it large from his chandelier.

But still she is grateful for any attention, her audience would fit into a Subway Shop and that’s with her buying, 12 inches of course, Nefertiti does not stint. One look at her leopard print outfit will tell you that.

She has transformed belly dancing for me. She says it works miracles down below or her Flower of Scotland as she likes to put it. I am not sure if Rodger would agree but ever since I saw her perform at the Old Folks Christmas dinner. I knew I was in the presence of something indescribable, a woman beyond words.
She jumped out of over size Christmas pudding, stripped off her seven veils and pulled out Turkish delights from a variety of crevices. The crowd was speechless.
She put the women off their plum pudding.
Jock on spoon completely lost his timing.
And one of the old boys pulled his hip out trying to keep up with her Flower of Scotland!
But still let it be said that Nefertiti is proud of her award and will continue to blog to her followers. She has, after all, a lot to say and her own way of saying it.


  1. I’m extremely glad Nefertiti will continue blogging. Where would we be without her?

    As for an audience, maybe she should consider to what I’ve done; financial incentives first, and sexual favours as a last resort. Seems to work ;)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. It is indeed encouraging to know that Nefertiti will continue to blog. Me thinkest that her audience will continue to grow.
    A well deserved award and continue to delight us with your writing and the wonders of the 'Flower of Scotland'.
    Have a lovely week.
    In kindness, Gary :-)


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